safety and cleanly

When slaughtering, we place the greatest value on the time consuming, dry plucking process. As opposed to the industrial wet plucking technique, we don't scald them, but pluck the animal dry, by hand.

This process keeps foreign water out of their bodies, giving them a longer shelf-life and ensuring fewer germs. Another reason for using this time consuming process is the incomparable taste. Delicious aroma substances are destroyed by industrial plucking processes but the poultry from Geflügelhof Meyer has its skin intact. Even the layman can clearly taste the difference. After a wax bath and removal of the entrails, the products are immediately cooled. This guarantees a long shelf-life and a high level of food hygiene. After a thorough quality inspection, we pack these delicious products in plastic bags that have our label printed on them: "Meyers Exklusiv-Geflügel".