Products with honor..

We breed and produce ourselves which makes us extremely flexible and able to adjust to market conditions. We can deliver our products quickly in any quantity. Exceptional quality is, of course, a prerequisite for receiving the honor of the "Meyers Exklusiv Geflügel" label. The designation of the South Oldenburg Meyer-Goose as a gourmet star is completely justified. We supply the whole goose or just the legs and breasts. The legs are distinguished by their strong, aromatic taste. Gourmets appreciate this rustic variant. Our goose breasts are on the bone with skin.

Here as well, the unique taste of the original Meyer Goose is much better than that of competitors. Once you've tried them, you won't want any other. Another highlight in our assortment is the true Babarie-Duck. Whether whole, as filets or legs, this tender, low-fat delicacy is a true culinary delight. Our ducks are served in the best restaurants and are highly esteemed for their fine and incomparable inherent taste. Their crispy skin and pink meat make gourmets drool in anticipation.


The South Oldenburg Meyer-Duck covers the rustic side. A true farmer's duck, it has many lovers.
You should try it once – you'll be surprised.