25 m2 - How much do you have?

After the chicks have hatched and been examined, they are off on their first trip. These little ones are brought to contract farmers in the region in specially constructed transporters. To avoid stress, we make sure that the distance is not more than 150 km from our farm. Upon arrival, the chicks are immediately bedded in pre-heated stables and brought to their houses.

After approx. two weeks, the geese are ready to go outdoors for the first time. If temperatures permit (at least 25 °C), the youngsters are permitted to get some fresh spring air even earlier since at this stage nothing could be better for them than sun, grass and fresh air.
In the first three weeks the chicks are given a high quality starter feed that contains plenty of vitamins, calcium and minerals.

-wieviel m² haben Sie?

After the starter feed, a mild, low energy feed is provided and they eat lots and lots of fresh grass. Each animal has at least 25 m2 outdoor space which is more than most Germans have for themselves in their yard. By grazing outdoors, the "Meyer Goose" receives another unmistakable quality characteristic: the typical yellow color of its skin.
Raising outdoors only ends after 22 to 32 weeks. During this time, the geese have had an enjoyable stay and are satisfied with the freedom they were given – and this is evidenced in our products.

  • Robert Meyer begutachtet die Weideplätze
  • Robert Meyer inspects the pastures for raising geese.
  • Eine ausgewogene Gänseherde an der Futtertränke
  • Well-balanced herd of geese at the feeding trough.
  • Nach dem Essen sollst Du ruhen, dösende Gänse im Schatten
  • "You should always rest after eating …" geese dozing in the shade.