Welcome to South Oldenburg Münsterland. You can taste freedom – and no one knows this better than our customers. Our poultry farm in Cloppenburg which is located in the heart of south Oldenburg can look back on a proud breeding tradition Founded by Joseph Meyer in 1948, it began with trading in eggs and is now in the third generation. During the 50s, a hatchery was added to be able to sell live ducks and geese. That was the cornerstone of a modern, family run poultry operation.


Today, Hof Meyer employs up to 50 people. Several parent stock herds, a modern hatchery, poultry fattening stations and, since the beginning of the 80s, a modern ECC poultry slaughterhouse, round off our model operation. By continuously keeping the animals under control, we are able to influence the development of the animals at all times. This closed system guarantees extremely high quality and provides a high degree of safety. Quality and safety that you can taste – that we guarantee.

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